Governor Biographies

Dr Catherine Langdon - Chair

I became interested in governance a couple of years ago and became a Trustee at Noadswood in 2019 and Chair of Trustees at the start of this academic year.  I am a self-employed environmental consultant affiliated to the University of Southampton specialising in past environmental change.  I work with several external archaeological consultancies and also with academic institutions both in the UK and internationally on a diverse range of projects on a consultancy basis.  As a part of this I manage multiple projects, work with, and scrutinise large datasets, present and speak at meetings and research and communicate challenging information.  All of these skills transferable to governance. 

I have two children already at Noadswood and I believe as trustees we are here to make sure that the school is an environment which prioritises the education, wellbeing and safety of students and staff to create a respectful, happy community in which students can thrive as individuals. 

Alison Munden

I joined the Noadswood Governing Body in 2009.  My daughter was in Year 9 and I was interested in her education and in the school that both I and my brother attended.  I happened to have a discussion with a friend (who was an existing governor) regarding Noadswood School and they suggested that I applied to be a Governor. I have worked on the Governing body supporting the school over the years to convert to Academy status, an Ofsted inspection and was involved in the recruitment of our current headteacher.  As chair of school improvement committee I have reviewed progress and results of students and take a keen strategic interest in the outcomes of students at Noadswood.  And 12 years later I am still interested in education and Noadswood.

I have worked in central government since I was 18; during this time I have been involved with reducing workless ness by supporting people back into employment.  I currently lead a team of 12 staff.  My “day” job has given me a keen understanding and interest in how a good education is so important to young people and their life chances.

Alison Munden