Attainment 2020/2021

In common with all schools in the New Forest, Noadswood students arrived at school to collect their exam results and the School is proud to report many excellent achievements by its students in their GCSE and other qualifications this summer. This year, following the cancellation of exams for the second year running, schools, students and staff across the country had to come to terms with a different system for awarding GCSE grades, and the students rose to the challenges of this with great commitment and hard work. This year, grades have been awarded through a process of teacher assessed grades, against a national standard and approved and awarded by the exam boards. Across the New Forest and Hampshire, schools have collaborated to ensure students have received consistent support and a consistent approach to assessment so that they will be able to successfully move to the next phase of their education.

What is important now is that the grades that this year’s cohort have gained enable each and every student to look towards the future and access their Post 16 plans to limit the impact that the pandemic has had on this group of young people. Likewise, the government is not publishing performance data for any schools or colleges this year due to the varying impact of the pandemic.

Amongst an entire year group of total superstars in terms of their efforts, professional approach, hard work and personal goals achieved, the School is paying tribute to Zach Adamson and Tom Forster for their clean sweep of the top grade, 9, in all of their subjects, as well as to Ben Hammond, Isabelle Malone, Max Scudder and Elliemae Taverner for more than seven grade 9s apiece. Harry Grant, Kacey Hayward, Harry Hicks, Roche Weeks and Eden Cooper also achieved fantastic results, which were significantly above their target grades.

Kathryn Marshall, the School’s headteacher said: “We look back on the past year and a half and are just blown away with pride at what all of our students have achieved, despite the phenomenal disruption and uncertainties that there have been for them. Their grit and resolve have been outstanding, and I am also so thankful and full of respect for every member of our staff who have worked flat out to ensure students can progress as they want to in to further education, study or training to fulfil their ambitions. We wish every student all our best for the future and we won’t forget them or their efforts.”


Measures 2020/2021

58% of students achieved a 9-4 (pass) in English and Maths

82% of students achieved a 9-5 (strong pass) in English and Maths

78% of students achieved 2x GCSEs in Science (9-4 (pass))

Attainment 8 score predicted at 52.25

Students staying in education or employment after KS4 (destinations) - 95% (Ofsted link)

Subject Success

Art - 91% achieved a 9-4 and 77% achieved a 9-5

Art and Design - 77% achieved a pass at Level 2 or above

Child Development - 85% achieved a pass at Level 2 or above

Computer Science - 100% achieved a 9-4 and 80% achieved a 9-5

Dance - 88% achieved a pass at Level 2 or above

Design and Technology - 81% achieved a 9-4 and 57% achieved a 9-5

Digital iMedia - 73% achieved a pass at Level 2 or above

Drama - 81% achieved a 9-4 and 58% achieved a 9-5

English Language - 88% achieved a 9-4 and 67% achieved a 9-5

English Literature - 81% achieved a 9-4 and 64% achieved a 9-5

Food Preparation and Nutrition - 61% achieved a 9-4 and 27% achieved a 9-5

Geography - 81% achieved a 9-4 and 64% achieved a 9-5

History - 90% achieved a 9-4 and 82% achieved a 9-5

Mathematics - 85% achieved a 9-4 and 65% achieved a 9-5

Mathematics (Additional) - 61% achieved an A - C grade

Media Studies - 91% achieved a 9-4 and 74% achieved a 9-5

MFL French - 90% achieved a 9-4 and 84% achieved a 9-5

MFL German - 92% achieved a 9-4 and 85% achieved a 9-5

Music - 80% achieved a 9-4 and 70% achieved a 9-5

Music (BTEC) - 100% achieved a pass at Level 2 or above

Science Biology - 100% achieved a 9-4 and 98% achieved a 9-5

Science Chemistry - 100% achieved a 9-4 and 100% achieved a 9-5

Science Physics - 100% achieved a 9-4 and 100% achieved a 9-5

Science Combined - 78% achieved a 9-4 and 53% achieved a 9-5

Sports Studies - 84% achieved a pass at Level 2 or above

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