Students in KS3 study computing, switching between generic online safety, digital media applications (such as Photoshop, Animation software, Website design, Audio and Video packages, as well as the use of key programs such as the Office suite) and basic coding (Python). The course aims to prepare students for the modern digital world, and give students a taster of digital media / coding so a choice can be made between digital media or computer science if computing is chosen as an option subject through KS4.

Computing science

Students study OCR Computer Science 9-1 GCSE with the aim to prepare students for the ever-changing world of computer science. The course centres around Python coding, with projects through the course aimed at developing real-world understanding.

Digital Media

Students study the Cambridge National iMedia course, looking at a range of digital media content including Pre-Production, Digital Graphics, Website Design, Digital Animations and Designing a Game Concept. The course combines English/Media aspects such as script writing, storyboards, design concepts etc… as well as the utilisation of key digital media programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, WebPlus, Animate IT and DrawPlus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do you currently offer?

At Year 9 (key stage 4) we offer Computer Science and iMedia as an option. Traditionally Computer Science is aimed at the higher ability Math students, whilst iMedia is available for all students.

Tell me more about Computer Science

In Year 9 & 10 the programming language Python is introduced. Students will become highly competent by the end of Year 10. Year 10 also begins to explore Computer Science Theory. Year 11 is consolidation and preparation for GCSE.

What do students achieve?

We are really proud of our outcomes. Historically >80% achieve a level 4 or above in Computer Science.


Why is Computing important

It is relevant to all jobs in the UK

What does Computing look like in Year 7?

In Year 7 & 8 computing is taught as part of Design & Technology (DT).

Will my child enjoy Computing

Yes. It is very creative and fun to learn.

What resources does Noadswood have to offer?

We are blessed with fabulous up to date technology. There are three large Computing rooms that can each accommodate up to 30 students.


Are there any clubs?

There is a Computing club that runs once a week after school