There are a huge number of ways students can be awarded praise points – these can be used to buy things from the ePraise shop or used as ‘donations’ to chosen charities.


1x point ready, respectful and safe

1x point for working exceptionally (additional to the ready, respectful and safe point)

1x point per tutee if they have their equipment during tutor time

10x points for after-school revision session (minimum 30-minute attendance) *

10x points for an after-school club, activity or participation in an event *

10x points for an invitation to Hot-Choc Friday (nominated by House Leader) *

10x points for excellent work in class, excellent homework or excellent effort

15x points for being recognised as a star via star-trekking

25x points for a merit

25x points for a postcard

25x points for an ePraise message / phone call home

25x points for no demerits in a week (ongoing, reset each week)

100x points for the House Leader award

100x points for exceptional help (such as Open Event)