This page will give you a step-by-step guide about accessing the virtual subject progress evenings and events, as well as links to get your device ready and a video guide to show the process in action. The events utilise Microsoft Teams and ePraise for the room links.

Academic Year 2021/2022


Year 7 – tutor event 07/10/2021

Year 7 – subject progress event 16/06/2022

Year 8 – subject progress event 18/11/2021

Year 9 – subject progress event 10/03/2022

Year 10 – subject progress event 14/07/2022

Year 11 – subject progress event 13/01/2022

Year 10 Subject Progress Event - Thursday 14th July 2022

(slots between 4.15pm - 8.00pm)

Booking opens 8pm on Thursday 07/07/2022 and closes at 8pm the following Wednesday

This event is designed for you and your child to speak to the tutor to find out how they have settled into Noadswood - it will be an opportunity for your tutor to give you an update, as well as for you to pass anything specific our way.

The guide below shows the generic process for booking...

Key Information

1. Sign into ePraise via the app (or log in via a computer) to book appointments - these go live a week before and close the day before the event.

  • Please leave a few slots between your appointments to allow for joining new rooms and the event running a little behind time (as this is virtual 'waiting around' in the old sense is no longer really an issue)

2. Download Microsoft Teams  before the event evening, sign in with an account or as a guest as this will be our virtual hosting software (takes about ten minutes to download and setup)

*Please ensure you as a parent are signing in with your own account or as a guest and not via your child's teams account - the students have limited functionality on their accounts so this is an important step. If you use Teams as part of your business, some accounts don't let you call out of your organisation. To overcome this, simply sign out and go in as a guest.

If possible it is always great to speak to both parents and students - and if you can, having video on makes the interaction better.

Step-By-Step Guide

From ePraise click on community > parents' evenings and choose the event

Parents Evening

Add the teachers you want to see and the times (leaving gaps). When bookings have been completed, you'll see a bespoke link for each teacher in the virtual 'room' (you'll be able to go into the waiting room then the teacher will invite you in for the conversation) - it will look like the example given below:


You'll need to download Teams to your device / computer before the event - this is easily done by visiting the Microsoft download site (click link):

Download Teams

Clicking on the link (about ten minutes before the event is due to begin) you’ll informed that it wants to open Microsoft Teams – selecting allow to this opens the program and join now puts you into the waiting room where you’re be invited in by the tutor (on a device it will ask you to download the app if you haven't which is why it is best to download as soon as you can)



Phone / Tablet:


If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can join as a guest - please enter your child's name to make it easy for the tutor to identify who the student is.

*If you're part of a business which already uses Microsoft Teams they might not allow calls out. To overcome this, simply sign out and log in as a guest.


When in Teams, you’ll have the option to show video / sound on your device and click on the waiting room and open the chat feature 



After the conversation has finished, leave the meeting and then from ePraise select the next teacher virtual room and repeat the process.


*At Noadswood during lockdown we have guest access turned off via Teams to ensure only Noadswood students access our lessons. This feature is turned on ahead of the events - if you see this warning more than 24 hours ahead of the event please do not worry - it will change on the day


**Please also note that the teacher room is public (i.e. multiple students will use this same space). If you use the chat function, please ensure that you delete your posts before you leave (only the owner of the post has the ability to delete it).